About Us

Creative couple Gabriella and Dean would like to welcome you to the concept of “io e te”


io e te translates to me and you, the brand is inspired by their shared passion for travel, culture and mutual visual aesthetic. Endlessly influenced by Gabriella’s southern Italian heritage, where love, family and food are everything. The brand is inspired by Tropea; the beautiful, ancient town where Gabriella’s family were born and raised. Sun spilling through the narrow crumbled streets, the relaxed way of life paired with the strong minded Calabrese mentality.

Each collection is carefully thought through and directly influenced by Tropea and Italian lifestyle, creating full rounded collections of unisex clothing, accessories and homeware. 

Gabriella and Dean took inspiration for this collection through the beautiful town of Tropea. The colours, textures and iconic skyline have influenced the creative process, the design and colour palette of the collection. 

Each product has been designed and hand crafted with sustainability at the forefront of our mind, eco friendly fabrics, labels and packaging have all been carefully considered. We are very excited and proud of this collection.  

speriamo che ti piaccia - we hope you like it