About Us

Founded by an independent creative couple - io e te (translates to me and you) is the concept of a shared wardrobe. It is an ethical lifestyle brand deeply influenced by the brands Italian heritage and the ancient town of Tropea. Io e te's aesthetic and colour palette is derived from a shared love for warm neutrals and romantic Southern Italy, remaining the heart of the brands identity. Referencing the towns slower stripped back culture that revolves around family and food, io e te leans towards a more traditional way of life, where relaxation and quality of life is at the forefront.

As always each collection is carefully considered, mindful of the planet and inclusive to everyone. It is directly influenced by Tropea, Family, Italian lifestyle and culture, creating full rounded collections of unisex clothing, accessories, and homeware. Sustainability steers the production of each collection, with each piece crafted from considered eco-friendly fabrics and labels, all the way through to the packaging used.

Slow fashion which mirrors the relaxed way of Southern Italian life. 

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