io e te x Argilo

io e te x Argilo

Handmade Ceramic Wares, Small Batch Studio based in South Cornwall.

Argilo ceramic wares are inspired by the warmth and soul of the Mediterranean, by the earthy vistas and slow ways of living. A place where the senses come alive with joy and warmth. Argilo vessels are devoted to simplicity and everyday functionality, using a warm and natural palette that echo these places, bringing a sense of them into your day-to-day life.

Part of what inspires these pieces is the element of ritual and community surrounding mealtimes in particular, but also slow moments around the home. That morning cup of coffee, sharing olives from a bowl in the evening, pouring a glass of wine, burning a candle. It’s all about human connection and appreciating the small things. These are grounding objects made to be held and touched. With a focus on simplicity and tactility, these handmade ceramics hope to awaken the senses and bring with them a moment of presentness and calm.

All Argilo ceramics begin as a humble ball of clay, which is then thrown on a potter’s wheel and glazed and fired in our Falmouth studio. Each piece is individually crafted and unique, whilst maintaining the utmost care and consistency possible throughout the process.

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